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Mt. Woof Bundle Coat

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Mt. Woof Bundle Coat


   As a dog owner, we can’t stand to see our dogs shiver. Our Mt. Woof Bundle Coat has a soft fleece-like layer to help keep your precious pooch warm and comfortable during long snowy winter months. Take your pupper out on a walk during brisk mornings or frigid nights without worrying if he/she is freezing! Stylish and warmth never looked so good!



How to find the right size for my puppy in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Chest

Measure the thickest part of the chest, add 2~3CM for some leeway.

Step 2: Length

While your dog is standing, measure along the his/her backbone starting from the base of the neck to 5CM from the base of the tail.

Step 3: Neck

Measure the thickest part of the neck, add 2~3CM for some leeway.


Size Reference Details:



Size S: Neck: 23cm/9.0inch Back: 20cm/8.0inch Chest: 32cm/12.5inch; for weight 2.7-4.4 pounds/1.25-2.0 KG

Size M: Neck: 26cm/10inch Back: 25cm/9.5inch Chest: 37cm/14.5inch; for weight 4.4-6.6 pounds/2.0-3.0 KG

Size L: Neck: 29cm/11.5inch Back: 30cm/11.5inch Chest: 42cm/16.5inch; for weight 6.6-9.4 pounds/3.0-4.25 KG

Size XL: Neck: 32cm/12.5inch Back: 35cm/13.5inch Chest: 47cm/18.5inch; for weight 9.4-13 pounds/4.25-6.0 KG

Size XXL: Neck: 35cm/13.5inch Back: 40cm/15.5inch Chest: 52cm/20.5inch; for weight 13-19.5 pounds/6.0-9.0 KG

Note: If your dog has a very large chest, lots of hair, or a much larger dog, you can order a size up to ensure a comfortable fit.

**double check your puppy’s coat size for the right fit.



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