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"U" Cup Silicone Body Massager

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Tired of the lumpy look of cellulite?

How it works:

Using the "U" Cup on troubled areas, the suction pressure it creates causes the grid of cellulite to break up. Blood circulation is then stimulated and the fat and toxins travel down to your lymph drainage system for elimination. The cupping method is also known to relax the tension of the "cords" that are responsible for the connection skin and muscle, less tension between the skin and muscle equals less fluid build up and a more cellulite free appearance. 

DOs and DON'TS:

DO use the "U" Cup with an essential oil, a carrier oil. a gel or something with slip so that you can move the cup easily.

DO be consistent with your massages. 2-3 times a week for at least 3 weeks.

DON'T keep the "U" Cup in one spot on you skin, you can bruise. Keep moving.


*Check with your healthcare physician to see if the "U" cup is right for you.


**Allow 7-14 business days for delivery

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